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We are specialized in tracking and monitoring systems based on RDIF technology. Our modular solution – easily integrated into the existing infrastructure - can be applied to a wide range of industries.

Tracking in critical environments

SpyTrace is a technology that allows tracking and monitoring in extreme environments: from -196 °C to +300 °C.

Tracking accesses

SpyDoc makes the management of archives easier and safer. It allows knowing from remote and with precision the position of any single item in the archive and to monitor accesses.

Tracking for transportation

SpyTravel allows to ensure safety and control during transport of sensitive  materials, such as vials, samples or proofs.


Patented system & Registered EU trademark 


Over 10 years experience with RFID solutions applied to a varieties of fields:

Legal Medicine

Laboratorio medicina legale, Asl Pescara

Fishing industry

Cultivation of shellfish in the open sea



Our Team

The Founder started his career in the field of semiconductors working for many years for one of the major players on the market (Texas Instruments). Than he moved into the world of radio links and mobile phone technology (Alcatel). After these international experiences, he decided to follow his dream and his passion stating his own business.

The Sales manager moved his first steps in the field of mechanical design and then he oriented his career in the field of industrial chemistry. Among his experiences, he counts the collaboration with Roche. Always looking for new challenges, he decided to bright his expertise in our team. 

The Developer has a long professional experience in the precision robotic sector, in particular with 3D measuring machines (D.E.A and Hexagon Metrology). He supports our team in the development of processes and quality control.

Our Network

Based on the specific needs of our clients, C.A.P. cooperates with a wide network of institutions, research centers and experts. Among others:

  • Politecnico di Torino (polytechnic university of Turin)

  • CNR (Italian national research institute)




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Via Santuario 21

12046 Montà  (CN)


Tel: +39 0173 976295